It is a solution that ensures that as far as repacking quantities and its labelling are correct.

Project for the process of screwing of the bumper shock absorber with the development of an assembly table that ensures the presence of all the components as well as the correct position of the screwing.

The application for the glued of the glasses has an expiry time of 48 hours. We have develop a system so that the order will not be sent if this period is exceeded, ensuring the reactivation of the glue by our employees.

Visual help for the assembly of glasses or ceilings where it shows the assembled parts, the objectives and quality alerts, as well as the existence of all the components of the process.

A solution in the assembly of the glasses that allows knowing the historic of all the operations done for each part assembled.

For the reduction of the variety of automotive wires, where in real-time, we choose the most economical reference that features all the characteristics of the car, requested by the customer. Sequenced delivery system (JIT) with a period of 30 minutes between the reception of the order and the time of delivery to the assembly line of the final customer.

Visual help for the employees for the sequencing of the delivery of the wheels with the incorporation of delay and quality control alerts in real-time.

Conditioning solutions are made for sequence shipments of different types of material (roofs and headlamps, among others) where we have reached an optimal solution that meets the criteria of maximizing the number of parts, ergonomic criteria of quality, safety, etc…